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This lifestyle blog was created for Us because let’s face it, we aren’t all the same. You can blame it on physicality such as the tone of our skin, the kinks in our hair or even the envious curves of our bodies. Blame it on whatever you want just please believe there’s nothing wrong with being different, being unique, being Black. Like the famous words of the late James Brown, “I’m Black and I’m proud!”

The same way that the Black race is the minority in America, so are the websites that cater to Us. Have you ever wanted to visit a virtual place that was tailored to your wants and needs? Maybe you want Black hairstyle ideas. Or you may just need advice from other Black parents. You might be in need of a good ole fashion soul food recipe. You’ll find that and so much more HERE!

Welcome to YOUR blog, you’ll love it here 🙂

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photo credit: africaanswers.com

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