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Best Sex Positions by Zodiac Sign

Do you know your guy’s zodiac sign? If not, you need to find out A.S.A.P.! Did you know that you can actually discover his favorite sexual position based on his zodiac sign? There’s nothing like being able to please him in bed without having to guess or ask what he likes <insert moan here>.


I’m all about living a healthy and sexually satisfying life, so here’s the Hottest Sexual Positions by Zodiac Sign. Enjoy!


Aries: Known to be aggressive. Doggy-style makes him growl.

Taurus: Known to be sensual. Missionary style slow and steady is his favorite.

Gemini: Enjoys quickies. Try standing with him behind.

Cancer: Can be indecisive. Take charge and mount him.

Leo: The romantic type. Spooning suits him best.

Virgo: Likes to be a giver. Lie on back with legs spread, knees bent, heels on the bed.

Libra: The versatile one. Have him pick you up and wrap your legs around him.

Scorpio: The sexual communicator. Doggy-style looking back at him, in his eyes.

Sagittarius: Public sex is his game. The thrill of getting caught excites him.

Capricorn: S&M. He likes to be in charge. Whips, chains, spanking, etc.

Aquarius: Like toys. Use a vibrator during sex for ultimate pleasure for both of you.

Pisces: Loves role-play. This cowboy enjoys the reverse-cowgirl position.

Now that you know his favorite sex position, take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and rock his world!



Yours Truly,

Tenisha (1)