Hottest Swimsuits for the Curvy Girl

It may be cold where you are but here in Florida we get to relish in summer-like conditions all year long. Since the sun is always out, us Florida gals are sure to have a swimsuit or two on standby.

Being a sensible, curvy girl, it’s a challenge to find the right swimsuit to fit my small on top, wide on the bottom frame. Although T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s and Ross tend to be my ‘go-to’ stores because of their low, low prices, their selection of fashionable swimsuits for any woman beyond a size 3 is practically nonexistent.

If you don’t want to spend too many of your precious, pretty pennies and waste time tossing skinny girl swimsuits to the side, you’d probably have better luck shopping online. Here’s a few curvy girl swimsuits that I absolutely, positively love. Check ’em out!

 Vintage High Waist Bikini


Hides all the problem areas while accentuating all those curves. Find similar sexy, curvy girl swimsuits  like this for as low as $9.99 here!

Not Your Grandma’s One Piece

Who says that a one-piece can’t be sexy? They clearly haven’t checked out these hotties. When you don’t want to show off your mid section, you can’t go wrong with one of these lavish swimsuits.

Cover It Up, Girl

If all else fails, jazz up your old swimsuit by wearing a Cover Up. I prefer a solid color swimsuit (preferably black for its slimming effect) or a flashy, colorful Cover Up.

Shopping for curvy girl swimsuits no longer has to be a daunting task. Don’t bother circling parking lots for a decent parking space, sifting through racks of skinny girl swimsuits and waiting in long lines. Shop online in the comfort of your own home at websites like (my fave),, and .

Embrace your curves and get ready to rock your new swimsuit this Summer!

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