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Nailed it! Sharpest Nails on Instagram

I don’t know about you but I use Instagram to find everything. From clothes to hairstyle ideas to tea on celebrities to happy hours. You name it, I’ve searched for it there. I find it far more easier to find things I need on Instagram rather than Google, the Yellow Pages, FaceBook or Twitter.

Anywho, to the topic at hand, literally! I’m not a fake fingernail wearing type of chic on the regular. I usually adorn my fingernails when I’m feeling good & fancy <insert Drake’s Fancy song here> or for a special event. A good nail tech is hard to find though. I HATE walking into an unknown nail shop and being less than impressed with my nail job. After being fed up for the last time, I decided to search Instagram for not only nail inspiration but also nail artists.

Check out some of my top picks for the Best Nails and Nail Artists from around the world.

Hollywood, CA

CA nails

New York

Ny nails

Boston, MA

Ma nails.jpg

Denver, CO

CO nails



Atlanta, GA


Miami, FL

FL nails

Charlotte, NC

NC Nails





Are you inspired yet? Which is your favorite? Go to these talented nail artists IG page and show them some love or book an appointment if you’re feeling fancy!

Much Love,

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