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Easiest Sex Positions for the Lazy Lover

Just in case you forgot, MEN ARE DOGS! In terms of wanting and getting sex as often and wherever possible…with you–his significant other, of course! According to Psychology Today54% of men think about sex EVERYDAY or several times a day! No wonder they tend to stray…but you didn’t hear it for me. However, contrary to popular belief, 48% of men indicated that emotional dissatisfaction was the main reason why they cheated, according to WebMD. Only 8% of men said that the main reason was sex.

It’s a fact that once women are in a committed relationship our desire for sex plummets. I don’t know about you but after working an eight hour shift, shuttling the kids home from aftercare, slaving over a hot stove then tucking the kids into bed, sex is the furthest thing from my mind. However, a girl can get away with saying “No, not tonight,” for only a little while before he starts to get cranky. Either he’ll be a grumpy little toad or do the extreme and seek sexual satisfaction elsewhere. No one wants that better yet he doesn’t want that extra drama in his life because us girls know that men are lousy, sloppy cheaters. That’s a story for another time, another blog post…

Anywho, Women’s Health Mag has answered our prayers and sent us a list of sex positions to try when we’re just not in the mood for bumpin’ & grindin’. Check it out.



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Miazja Booker

well that is awesome to me but i just want somebody to love me for me. That is all because all of the boys i went out with they said that they loved me for me but then next then you know that they will break up with me over so stupid shit sorry for me profanity sorry again but yeah i was so mad at that point like i was so pissed off at that point so bad like ughghghg but i just want a boy who will love me for me not just for some stupid crap.


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