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Top 5 Cities for Single Women to Find Black Love

Nope, I’m not single but I do have several friends that are unhappily single. A few years ago statistics showed that 42% of Black women never married, the highest of any other race. I doubt that was by choice. Who wants to come home to a clean yet empty home. Who doesn’t want the added security, love, support and comfort of a man. Not just any man, a Good Black man, with flaws and all.

So, where are all the Good men? The ones that are God fearing, unmarried, employed, attractive and either kid-less or no more than one babymama? They’re around! Chances are you’re less likely to find him because you live in the wrong state!

According to relationship expert, Ladawn Black, a review of the U.S. Census proved that in certain states Black men outnumber Black women. That means more options! Read on to find out which states should be the next girl’s trip destination.

Chicago, IL

There’s no shortage of things to do which affords you the opportunity to meet men.


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Baltimore, MD

Home to several historically Black colleges, no wonder educated Black men call this place home.

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San Diego, CA

Hotspot because of its diversity in hardworking men in a variety of industries.

San diego 10 best

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Charlotte & Raleigh, NC

Many start-up business are based here making them a great place to find Mr. Right CEO.

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New Orleans, LA

 You’re bound to find a creative, artistic & soulful man here that knows how to have a good time.

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Any of you ladies reside in one of these cities? Is there any truth to there being an unlimited supply of testosterone? Comment below to let the single ladies know!


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Tareau Barron

There are some good black men but in a lot of my experiences sometimes standards are way too high. It’s like that Chili show when she was trying to find a man. She had a list. And I called it a terrorist list. Hahahahahaha. Most women want a dude who is street savvy, educated, nice body, big dick, nice smile, God fearing, employed, with no kids or 1 kid. But who is to say that said man will treat said woman right. You cant buy manners nor respect. There are plenty of good guys but unfortunately they are scared due to this “Never settle know your worth” mentality. Can’t buy chemistry. Everyone has red flags and deal breakers but in my experience sometimes it feels like women can split hairs. Great post nonetheless

It's A Black Girl Thing

I remember that show. She had me scratching my head like whattt girl? Nothing wrong with having standards but nobody’s perfect. Sometimes you do have to settle especially when what he possesses is far greater than what he doesn’t.


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