5 Natural Hair Beauty Bloggers to Envy?

IG: @CurlsandCouture

After years of thinning, breakage and stunted growth, I decided to kick my creamy crack habit. August 2015 was my last hit and I haven’t looked back or relapsed since!

I’ll admit, the struggle has been real! I’m use to my hair being thin and fragile. Now that I’m growing out the perm, my hair is so thick and I ain’t mad at that! Thank God for the person that created crochet hairstyling because that’s all I wear nowadays. At least until I can grow my hair to a decent length.

Some days I feel discouraged about my hair. Like, How long will it take to grow? How will it look? How can I style it? That’s when I get to googling for info and surf Instagram for some hairstyle inspo & encouragement. These ladies’ hair give me so much life & hope for better hair days.

IG: @Sheilandinda


Click on over to her blog for 4c hairstyle tips & ahhmazing photography! 

IG: @DayeLaSoul


Check out her blog or YouTube channel for hair care product reviews and ‘dos.

IG: @NaturallyTemi


Visit her YouTube channel for dope hairstyle & makeup inspo.

IG: @Dr_Kami


Gawk at this Reebok strutting babe’s IG photos for now as she prepares to start her YouTube channel!

IG: @ImaniEvans_


Check out her IG and YouTube channel for product reviews, hair & fashion.

Are you following these natural hair beauties on Instagram? Who else do you recommend? I can use all the inspiration I can get ?.

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