5 Ways to Rock a Dashiki this Summer

IG: @StafaniMilano

Oh my gawd! Have you guys got into the Dashiki trend? I’ll be honest, before recently, I wouldn’t be caught dead in a Dashiki. (Don’t judge me lol). I just wasn’t into all the print and colors. Or maybe my eye for style was lacking. After scrolling down my timeline and seeing other bloggers and celebrities like Monica & Blac Chyna slaying the heck out of their Dashikis, I started to rethink my disinterest in them.


IG: @MonicaBrown

I found 5 hot ways to rock a Dashiki this summer. I’m quite sure these looks will make you want to #swyd & go buy one!

Mini Dress


IG: @DashikiPride

Visit them online at Dashiki Pride They have dashikis as low as $20!!!

Paired with Jeans


IG: @StafaniMilano

Check out this fashionista’s website when it launces on 6/27/16 at

Vest or Cover-up



IG: @linda_katee

 Short Set


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Do you have a Dashiki? I’d love to see how you rock yours. Tag me on Instagram @BlackGirlThing and I’ll feature you on my page!


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