The Cutest, Shortest Cuts to Flaunt #AllSummer16

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Summa summa summa time?! Heyyy! I’m a paying a little homage to thee Freshest Prince of Bel Air a.k.a Will Smith lol. With temperatures reaching the mid 90s on a consistent basis here in Florida, there’s no doubt that summer has arrived!

Besides wanting and needing to wear less clothes on my body during the scolding hot, unforgiving summer heat, I like to wear even less hair on my head. Although I’m not brave enough to do the big chop (my natural girls know what I’m talking about), there’s nothing stopping me from sporting a crazy, sexy, cool protective style like a tapered crochet style or a wig.

But, for some reason every summer I’m always at a lost when it comes to figuring out which short cut I want to slay. I’ve narrowed it down to a few styles I absolutely love! Check em’ out and let me know what ya think!


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IG @stepthebarber



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See anything you like? I sure did! While sportin’ one of these do‘s, I’m sure to not only be cool and refreshed but also fly and fabulous #AllSummer16.

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