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10 Things Men Do That Black Women Hate

One thing for sure and two things for certain, I can’t live with my man and I can’t live without him. Lord knows he makes my blood boil at times and my heart sing at other times.  Why the heck are men so intolerable? I try my best to turn a blind eye but some things I just can’t ignore. Here’s 10 things that are likely to get him on the blocked call list. Ladies, ya’ll let me know if these things annoy you too.

10. Like or comment on his ex’s Instagram pics

Does he want that old thing back or nah? I prefer that he deletes, unfollows or unfriends his ex. I better not see any smiley faces or heart-eyed emojis on her pics or there will be a problem.

9. Take hours to reply to my texts

Isn’t it annoying to miss a call, call the person right back only to get the voicemail?! I have the same feelings about texting. Don’t text me if you’re not prepared to reply back to my text within 2 minutes.

8. Leaving lousy tips

Don’t pretend like you don’t know that waiters work for tips. I make it a point to tip at least 20%. I’m honestly turned off by a guy that tips less than that.

7. Diss my friends

My friends are exactly what they are, MY friends! You don’t have to like them. Actually, I prefer that you not like them just don’t speak on it, k?

6. Telling me what not to wear

When you buy my clothes, then and only then can you tell me what I can and cannot wear.

5. Asking me what time I’ll be home
When the liquor‘s in the system ain’t no tellin’ what time I’ll make it home. As long as I make it in way before the break of dawn just chill.
4. Being silent during a disagreement
Ha! Did you really think being silent would shut me up? Not. At. All. Now I’m on a hundred and that disagreement has now turned into a one-sided argument.
3. Not being upfront about our relationship status.
Either you’re bipolar or just like playing games. Are we dating or nah? I’d like to know whether we’re going home together or are you going home alone to call up the next chick?
2. Continue to lie when caught red-handed
I could literally catch a boob in hand and you’d still deny, deny, deny. I’m neither blind nor stupid which is why your lies are so annoyingly obvious.
1. Try to have sex while I’m asleep
If I’m asleep, I’m tired. Unless the house is burning down, don’t wake me  especially not with your penis.
Ladies, these men work my nerves sometimes. Do some of these things annoy you too? Comment below to let me know I’m not alone

Teni S.

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I particularly hate 9 and 4. I don’t think he would be my boyfriend if he was caught up with the ex or not being upfront with our relationship status. I don’t mind being woken up for sex tho hehehe.

It's A Black Girl Thing

Lol. I be like, bae give me a few more minutes of sleep. That few minutes turn into the next AM.

Mom Of Two Little Girls

No. 10, 2 & 1. Especially 1!

Tareau Barron

As a black man I think this applies to all women hahahahhahahahahahahahah great post. Tipping I do hate cheap people but I don’t tip for bad service nor for adequate service.

It's A Black Girl Thing

Aww man. No tip at all huh lol. I cannot stand terrible customer service. But, I still feel obligated to tip…just much less than I normally would.
Now tell me, which one of these are you guilty of????

Tareau Barron

Yes no tip at all lmfao. If you as a customer service employee can’t do the bare minimum in your career, then why should I pay you more? I’m guilty of the silent treatment hahhahahahahahhaha

Notes From Wanda

#1 is real pain in my a** My husband gets on my last nerve with trying to get some in the middle of the night. His excuse is that I look so peaceful that it turns him on ?


Number 4 for me! I was in a relationship years ago where the guy just was not really present during a disagreement. Basically felt ignored. Like he was waiting for me to finish.

Thrifty Comfort

Excellent article. 🙂

And very much like the list of surefire ways for a lady to annoy her.

K E Garland

Great list, especially #1! Do Not wake me for anything, ESPECIALLY not to have sex…sheesh!


????? I love this! You’re absolutely right!


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