5 Curvy, Black Fashionistas You Should Follow

From the time I jumped out of diapers and into panties, it was plain to see that babygirl was going to be toting some extra junk in the trunk when she got older. I was so uncomfortable growing up as a “thick” black girl. I hated the attention I got from immature boys and I hated shopping! It seemed like I could never find any bottoms that would fit my tiny waist and wide hips.

As an adult, I’ve learned to embrace and celebrate these curves. However, the struggle continues when it comes to shopping. Because I’m hip, frugal and like to dabble in the latest trends, I tend to find myself wandering into stores like Forever21, Charlotte Russe and the like. If you’ve ever shopped in one of those places then you’ll know that the curvy girls usually aren’t catered to.

To my delight, I stumbled across a few curvy, Black fashion bloggers that completely renewed my faith in shopping. I can count on any one of these ladies to inspire me to channel my inner diva or be comfortable in my casual chic style. Here’s 5 curvy, Black fashionistas that I follow on Instagram and so should you!

Keeping Style Affordable


The dress on the far right is my fave! You can find similar looks on her website.

Triena Deniese


I love the hip-hugging dress on the left. She found hers at Dolld Kouture.

Oh So Cocoa


Casual Chic and I’m loving it. Check out more styles on her blog!

Lace N Leopard


California Curvy Cutie. You can find some of her accessories at her store Lace N Leopard.

Road to Fashionable


Check out more style inspo from this fabulous fashionista here.

Who says that you have to be slim, skinny or petite to be beautiful and stylish. Here’s proof that no matter your waist size you too can rock the latest trends better than the hottest Instagram models at the moment. Nevertheless, don’t forget that fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it!

Be sure to check out these fashionistas on Instagram for more style and outfit inspiration.

Fashionably yours,


Teni S.


Tareau Barron

Grrrreeerrreeeeeaaaaattttt post. =)

It's A Black Girl Thing

Thx Mr. No cinnamon toast crunch froot loop or luck charm eating person that doesn’t have JayZ in his top10?

Tareau Barron

You dam right. Hahahahahahah I’m anxious to see your list

Keeping Style Affordable

This is an AWESOME post lady! Thank you for showing love! Honored to be featured along with these other curvy fashionistas.

Thank you my love?

Be Inspired By Ebony

Loves there style. I have more bust then bottom so that leads me to hate shopping as well because if I buy something it has to fit the top and bottom but since I’m top heavy it rather hard. Loved this post thank you?


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