4 Reasons to Shave Not Wax “Down There”

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a Brazilian wax for what seems like forever. Not having to shave for two to four weeks sounds pretty appealing, right?! Not to mention once the hair starts to grow back, it typically grows back thinner. That’s music to my ears since I’m a girl with curly coils down there. But, I’m still hesitating to get it done. Still not ready to pull down my big girl panties and let a stranger strip my vagina bare. I cringe at the idea of lying down spread eagle in front of a stranger while she’s staring down at my precious V with a stick of hot wax. I digress. Besides lying in a state of vulnerability, discomfort and embarrassment there’s four other reasons why you, like me, should no longer consider waxing “down there”.

4. It costs more

I can buy a 5 pack of disposable razors for a buck while a Brazilian wax starts at about $20 with a Groupon. It’s also going to cost you time to make an appointment, commute to the location and then coach yourself out the car to get it done. Side note: There’s a razor that folks have been raving about lately called Bevel. It’s created by a young Black man and was designed for us that have coarse or curly hair. I think I may have to give it a whirl. Have you tried it? Drop your feedback in the comments below.

3. Causes ingrown hair

There’s a misconception that waxing prevents ingrown hairs while shaving promotes it. False. Both shaving AND waxing can cause ingrown hairs. About Style describes that ingrown hairs result from waxing because the new hairs that grow in have sharp edges which allows them to pierce the skin when it starts to grow back in.

2. Painful

Call me a wimp, a softie, whatever you like but pain is my worst enemy. My eyes water whenever I get my eyebrows or upper lip waxed. They slather hot wax on your pubic hairs, lay a cloth on top and then yank your soul out through your groin in one or several swift moves.

1. Increased chance of getting an STD or STI

There’s a few reasons why the risks are greater when you wax. One of them is if your technician “double-dips” the wax meaning she uses a different stick but the same container of wax on you and others. YUCK! Another reason is that waxing (and shaving) can cause tiny tears in the skin making you susceptible to infections. There’s a study that shows that women who wax (or shave) are more likely to contract herpes because of skin to skin transmission. Pubic hair acts as a barrier when it is present.

So, which side of the fence are you on: shaving or waxing? Me, I’m sticking with shaving. It’s not broke so I won’t fix it. Yeah, it may take more time and I may have to do it a time or two per week but it still beats the invasion of privacy and the increased risk of contracting some funky infection with waxing!






Teni S.



hehe I used to be the same way now I cannot with shaving. Honestly, it’s like a piercing or tattoo: not sure if you have any but the anticipation is worse than the actual act. And I found a waxologist (it’s a thing! lol) that is very knowledgeable about her waxing game and overall vaginal wellness. If you ever decide to jump the fence, I recommend getting a referral or going to a reputable salon, e.g. not the same salon that does your nails or hair but specializes in waxing. That’s just me tho! You make some great points.

Nikki M-C

Hey girl! I actually use an electric water proof shaver. I got mine at Target for less than $30.00. I don’t shave with a razor down there but love my electric shaver as I don’t get nicks or cuts. I lather with shaving cream and I good! Hope this helps 🙂


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