6 Bold Hair Colors Black Women Slayed

Don’t you just love a fearless, expressive Black woman? I’ll be the first to admit that while fearless is one of my keywords for 2017, expressive is one that I shy away from. One, because I’m a bit of an introvert and two, because my corporate job won’t let me be great by expressing the fierce, creative diva within me. Hence, when I spot a dark-skinned beauty rocking a colored do’ I can’t help but gawk (respectfully, of course) then nod in approval.

All Black women, whether they’re as dark as the midnight sky or as light as the cream in my coffee, can rock a bold hair color. There’s just three things one must be mindful of before diving into a sea colors aka the hair dye aisle at the local beauty supply store.

  1. Get it done by a professional. Research (Instagram is a great place to start) and locate a hair color specialist. This person will know what chemicals to mix to achieve the color you’re desiring.
  2. Keep the hairstyle simple. Stick with sleek, straight hairstyles, bouncy curls or a ponytail with bangs. The color itself stands out. There’s no need distort its beauty by wearing a complicated hairstyle.
  3. Be confident. As long as you exude confidence, anything you wear will be nothing less than fabulous!

Get it? Got it? Good! Now check out these colorful beauties and let me know if you’re brave enough to wear one of these bold hair colors in 2017!

Flirty Fuschia

via @brittanie_evans

Ocean Blue

via @Krystal_Klear_Faces

Orange is the New Black

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50 Shades of Purple

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Stormy Gray

via @rhondawhite

Rowdy Red

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Can’t decide which color you’d rock? How about a haute hombre like the talented Olori Swank? She makes it look so easy but trust me it’s not! You’ll definitely want to seek out a professional stylist to achieve this elegant hombre effect.

Blue Ice

via @OloriSwank

Could you imagine stepping out in one these eyeball snatching hair colors? Better yet are you brave enough to step out in one of these colors? Maybe you are but are like me in terms of working for the corporate monster so you’ve got to keep it boring and simple by wearing only black or brown hair colors. This is what you’ve got to do; Go buy yourself a wig!

Chances are you won’t find a wig with any of these custom colors so you’ll need to invest in a quality human hair wig, RPG Show has some fabulous ones. You can also just buy the bundles, Diamond Dynasty is my absolute favorite hair weave dealer (3 bundles of 16-18-20in for about $200 yasssss!), and make the wig yourself by following @PeakMill or @IvyLeagueStyles step-by-step tutorials on YouTube. Then of course, take it to a salon and get the color job done professionally.

Whew…that was a mouth full. I’ve shown you a few bold colors, told you what you need to consider and also where to go to get the hair/wig. Now, let’s see if you’re bold enough to wear it! Post it up on the ‘gram for us all to admire and tag me @BlackGirlThing so I can repost it on my IG and FB pages!

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