New Month Quotes to Get You Back on Track ASAP

Damn! Am I the only one whose head is still spinning due to the fact that we are almost 1/3 of the way through with 2017?! I’m still trying to get back on track after falling off the wagon with my New Year’s resolutions, goals, plans, whatever you want to call them. The year is flying by so fast that it makes it harder and harder for me to rebound from my failures, well I should say my lack of action. I promised myself that I’d make 2017 my year to starting crushing ish and thus far I’ve done nothing but disappointed myself. Instead of beating myself up though, I’m determined to dust my butt off and get back to what’s important; turning my aspirations into accomplishments.

Are you having a similar struggle? The first step is admitting it. Once you do, that’s when you’ll be ready to get back on track to success. Need a little more motivation? Check out these quotes.

Truly, Honestly


Teni S.



Here’s another concept you can use. Start planning you a daily to do list that may help you reach your ultimate goals. Write down your plans on what to do each day for a week. Try not to put too much on your list for the forst few days.

Teni S.

That’s exactly my problem! Putting too many things on the daily list at once. Thanks for the suggestion!


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